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Sizes ranging from


Up to a huge


Image of Flexie Kitchens

Bathrooms with Shower

Car Wash Bay

Coworking Office Space

WiFi Throughout Facility

CCTV & 24/7 Access

6.5m – 7.5m Driveway Widths

Made for the early starter and the nine-to-fiver.
For the weekend sailor and toolbox trailer.
The online trader, store-for-later and content creator.


The future is Flexie™

Flexie Springvale Artist Impression
Image of Flexie Entrance

Make space
for the finer things.

Space is opportunity.
And we’ve got lots.

Flexie Springvale is a first-of-it’s kind facility designed to meet the changing needs of savvy small business owners.

Storage with all the bells and whistles.

With an array of first-class amenity servicing a collection of luxury commercial storage units; you can have your space and work here, too.

What you do with it is
your business.

Flexies are designed so that your space doesn’t place a limit on your vision.

The future is Flexie

Welcome to Flexie™ Springvale.

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